Monday, February 11, 2013


There are lots of things that keep people from following their dreams. Security. Money. Commitment. Support. Time. Fear. These are all very legitimate reasons to do the safe thing and stick with what you know. It is perfectly understandable and you can't blame someone for choosing the easy road. Or at least I can't; it sure took me long enough to start taking chances. 

I did eventually take the plunge. I did the hardest thing I have ever done and put myself out in the public eye for the whole world to love or criticize. And now I am about to take it a step further and set a new record for the hardest thing I have ever done. 

See, I have found that starting to do that thing you love is not nearly as difficult as continuing to do that thing you love. In my case it is writing. It truly makes me happy. I could spend hours and hours writing about just about anything and the time would fly by in the blink of an eye. But, unfortunately, I do not have hours and hours. Though I don't have a physical job, after a full day of work, I do find myself exhausted. I get home and I am emotionally and mentally drained. I have to force myself to write and as you may or may not have noticed, I have not been doing a very good job lately. I have been posting less frequently and it frustrates me. 

My behavior has been unacceptable. If I hope to ever be even moderately successful, I have to be consistent. I have to post regularly and commit wholeheartedly to the writing process. An hour here and an hour there after work is not going to cut it. And so, this brings me to the next big terrifying event in my life. 

I am going to quit my job. The plunge I took a few months ago was a jump into a heated indoor pool. This jump is into the frigid North Atlantic. This is for real. I have decided that I am going to give my notice on Friday. Don't worry, I know how to swim and I have a life jacket and just enough skills to keep myself afloat . . . hopefully. 

Wish me luck and stay tune, things are about to get really interesting. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

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Couldn't Put It Down 
I just finished Rising Tide and it was one of the easiest reads I have had all year. I couldn't put the book down once I picked it up. You feel very drawn to the characters and can't help imagining yourself into the storyline. Fischer has made you feel like you are right there with the friends as they try to navigate and survive in their hometown after a virus takes over. I can see this book becoming a staple for high school students as well as for those who love a good action-packed post apocalyptic zombie story. Now I would like a second and third please.

   - Andrea Carr

A Very Entertaining Book
Rising Tide is a fun book. It is easy to identify with the characters - to the point where you are yelling at them for doing something stupid, and empathizing with them during their struggles. It is a good read and good at capturing your imagination for awhile.

   - Butters

Great First Book (actually just great)
I also received a copy of the Kindle version (.mobi) in exchange for an objective review. Fortunately good reviews are easier to write.

This book could could easiely fit into regular fiction or teen fiction. The subject matter can be gruesome, but wasn't dwelled upon in a gratuitous fashion. It has zombies, people got eaten, but not in a manner that I would need to shield from my teen readers. The characters are teens themselves and were very well written. I have teens in my house and I recognize the characters; they aren't adults or children written as teens, they rise off the page as teens with all of their imperfections and idiocyncrasies. They acted and sounded like teens: believable. The story was well written, well paced and included almost everything I was looking for in the book with the exception of more.

Of note, there are a host of e-books out, in Kindle and others formats, that are rife with typographical or other editing errors. They detract from the story, sometimes to the point of jarring you out of the story. Not here. In all 187 pages I noticed one minor spelling error (and that's NOT a challenge).

Bottom line, a great read; buy this book. I got it free, but would have been happy with a $3.99 very well spent.

     - David A. Larson

Wicked Tale Told Well
I love a good yarn and Leigh Fisher has given us a pretty good yarn in Rising Tide. It has all the requisites of a good story: engaging characters, romance, intrigue, danger and an almost unstoppable antagonist. This small group of survivors experience many situations that test their character and temper their resolve to carry on.

Their are some adults aspects in the book, but no more than a young adult would get watching television. A good read, enjoy!

   - Steven Reneau

Excellent Read

I received a copy of this book as a free promotion with the understanding that I would leave an honest review.

I really liked this book. It was a short read for me, finished in an evening - which was actually pretty stupid of me considering the subject matter and the fact that it is storming outside. =)

The only thing that stopped me from giving it five stars, is that I'm hoping for more of the story. The sentences were very short and easily read but not so short that it seemed choppy. It really led to the feeling that this was a narrative told from the perspective of a seventeen year old girl.

There is some very adult subject matter, but it is not terribly graphic. I think it is appropriate for young adults and tweens, depending on their level of maturity. I feel the book's content matter is certainly nothing above what they would see on primetime television or read in a vampire/werewolf series.


A group of Maine teenagers wake up one morning to find the world has gone to hell in a handbasket. Without any adult supervision, the group of modern teens must not only learn to navigate a world without power, computers, or telephones but also try to survive.

   - Libby K