Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I have been procrastinating and avoiding the process of figuring out what brilliance I was going to spew into the world today. As it so happens, the actual art of procrastination brought me my topic.

On Saturday I included  in my post a free giveaway. Just now I was trying to make good on that offer and attempted to send copies of my book to those who had shown interest. I had assumed I would be able to send people copies of my book via private message. You can PM videos and pictures, why wouldn't you be able to also attach a .DOC, .PDF, .MOBI, or some other format? Well, it seems that I may have made a poor assumption. I have spent the last hour hunting around for a button, link or something that might allow me to email or PM a file to a follower. No dice.

In the process I have learned that you CAN email people using G+, but only if they allow it. More importantly, I learned that I was not allowing people to contact me. Apparently, there is a profile setting that can be toggled on and off and allows people to send a direct email. Apparently, I didn't have that setting turned on for my own profile and, therefor, someone trying to contact me would have the same difficulty I am having trying to contact my interested readers.

As a writer trying to hawk my wares, I want to be as accessible as possible. I want people to be able to send me emails, private messages and public messages. Hell, I'd even take a message in a bottle or skywriting if it meant another new reader. So, I promptly turned on my email setting in hopes of making it just a little bit easier for people to find me and contact me.

To those of you who are still waiting to collect on your free copy, I have not forgotten you. I am just back at the drawing board figuring out how to make technology work for me. If you're impatient you can send me an email at leighfischer83@gmail.com, otherwise the answer may be that you will have to wait until I'm up on smashwords.