Monday, March 4, 2013

It is done.

February 11th was the last time I posted. I have been avoiding my blogs for nearly a month because I am a coward and could not bring myself to write without having news to share. Well folks, I have news to share now. 

On February 11th I had posted that I would be quitting my day job with the full intention of putting in my notice on the 15th. That did not work out so well. Few things in life do. I walked into work on the 12th to find that one of my teammates had put in his notice. I panicked, I could not make a major life change and tell my boss that he was going to be losing not one but two employees. So I held my tongue and waited until the time was right.

As the days and then weeks passed, conditions did not improve to make me feel any better about dropping the bomb on my boss, but each day I grew more resolved that it was the right decision. Finally, last week my desire to move on outweighed the discomfort of upsetting another. I handled it formally by scheduling a meeting for Friday afternoon. 

Upon entering my bosses office, I promptly noticed a thick manual entitled Managing People. I had to stifle a laugh, at least he had a good idea that something big was coming. He handled it surprisingly well considering he is a man known for is gruff behavior and mood swings.  

It is done. My last day will be April 5th.